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Thee hags on the isle of selvarin, a place desolate and cut off from the rest of the world, made a gamble on a cunning half orc named telvarin. Their plan was to control and manipulate telvarin in order assert dominance over the region and control the population of many human settlements. This was complicated though when telvarin became wise to the manipulation and took measures against it, commissioning powerfull artifacts to ward the hags intrusions, though he does not yet know what is behind his plight. He himself seeks power of the region and the coven has lost control of him. Telvarik has made a pact with the sanguihn in the sea to split the island evenly, orcs do not get along with sanguin though and the humans, though unorganized, have mounted a formidible resistance. The sanguin have a dragon turtle making getting on and off the island nearly impossible, crippling the goodly cities. To further the tension pirates have created boundries with the sanguin and roam freeley, the only ones permited in exchange for regular treasures from afar.

Fearing Telvarik will get too strong and seek revenge on them, The coven manipulates a great wizard on the island to bring worthy adventures to the island to stop telvarin and wreslte control of the island, that is until they free the 7 stone giants stuck in a magical bind on another plane of existance. These giants used to rule this land with an iron fist until a cunning wizard, the same that fell to the hags tricks, trapped them in an extrademinsianal space. originally thinking they could rule in the giants place but loosing control of selvarik, the coven seeks to restore power to the giants, in return gaining their favor and gaining power through them. The Coven believes these are the rightful rulers and seeks to break the bonds and restore their rule. The coven plans to manipulate the adventures to do their bidding for them but never intend for them to become wise to the greater plan and to eventually dispatch them by turning them against eachother or leading them into a deadly trap. The coven keeps a close ‘eye’ on the adventureres with ogres minions as spies disguised and petite human females that cary their ‘hags eye’.

When the hero’s arrive they do not know what to make of their situation, through exploring they will find this war torn land full of attracitve dangerous ladies, orc amies, sanguin raids, dark visions, and disturing omens.

Examination of the wizards tower leads to stange symols and the realization that something or somebody went through a lot of trouble to bring these heros here. It will become evedent that the confiict somehow focuses around them and leaving quietly is not an option.

Players should be drawn into the game by the fact that they are being so messed with but if they try to split and leave the island to its fate the hags find incentive for them until they are no longer need, then tries to kill them as they would then pose a threat, and it is good sport.

Main Page

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