The Toad and The Hydra

This is the Inn in Haverton, it is a single sotrey wooden building with several shuttered windows. Accomodations consist of a few samll rooms with straw mats and several hammocks in the common room.

They serve wheat poorridge, mug of ale (3 cp)
cashew bread and blue cheese, mug of cider (4cp)
vegetable stew, mug of cider (3cp)

Innkeeper: Young female dwarf named linain. She secretly leads a small cult of a draconic god.

Warder Parre: Male halfing professionsl. Long red heir and bright gray eyes. wears modest garments.
Beorthtio: male Human craftsman. Short with thick red hair and narrow brown eyes. He wears travel-stained clothing and serveral small tools hang from his belt.
Gery Cote: Tall with thick black hair and gray eyes human male. Course and unforgiving.

Rumors: Mysterious lights have appeared in the Nymph woods

Orcs are encrouching on the territory, this is the last land still free from their or the water-ones grasp, though that looks precarious.

The Toad and The Hydra

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